Rohan Deshpande

My background is in complex enterprise distributed systems. I've built teams from the ground up that have delivered, shipped, and operate best-in-class services in highly distributed environments at significant scale. If you want to talk to someone who has built and operated multiple revenue-generating AWS services, please send me a message.

I have been working at Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2011 in the capacity of an Architect or Technical Lead across the Mobile Services and Engagement organizations. While my official role is as a Software Engineer, I am deeply involved in product engineering and marketing aspects of the products in my domain. I have designed and delivered Amazon SNS Mobile Push, AWS Device Farm, Amazon Pinpoint, and the AWS React Native SDK. I still contribute to Amazon SES, Amazon SNS including the Mobile Push and SMS channels, Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, AWS IoT, AWS Mobile Hub, and the AWS Mobile SDKs. I am also engaged in several internal initiatives that cannot be discussed yet in a public forum. I am a huge proponent of agile data-driven enhancements, operational excellence, and automation.

Prior to AWS, I worked in the financial industry for the better part of a decade. I was the technical owner of trading and clearing platforms, portfolio management, analysis engines, compliance systems, and risk management products that operated on billions of dollars of assets per day. I was a primary participant in acquisitions and IPO-related activities.

I love sharing knowledge. Some of my public writing and speaking engagements are listed.