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Hi, I'm Rohan

This site is hand-crafted with HTML only; no CSS, no Javascript, no trackers. To contact me, please email hi@rohand.com.


2024-01-07 Script to change footer for sites in multiple git repos #code
2023-10-01 The ballad of Rohit #genai #fiction
2023-09-25 Finding Harmony: A Love Story of Music and Connection #genai #fiction
2023-09-23 Rising from the Ashes: A Family's Journey of Resilience and Hope #genai #fiction
2023-09-21 Surviving Adversity: The Inspiring Story of Dravus and Hopseed #genai #fiction
2023-09-18 The Little Fighter Who Overcame Cancer: A Story of Hope, Courage, and Community Support that won over Adversity #genai #fiction
2022-11-19 Start your Subaru with a dead key fob
2017-01-01 Project Gotham Racing
2014-01-01 Uptime SLAs
2010-01-01 robocopy for backups
2009-01-01 Create a junction in Windows