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Script to change footer for sites in multiple git repos

I have several static sites and the content is in separate GitHub repositories. Each site has a footer with a copyright date. I wrote a script to update this copyright date.

    # need the gh cli and jq
    brew install gh jq


    # get names only of all site repos
    gh repo list --topic website --json name | jq ".[].name" -r > /tmp/repos.txt

    for i in `cat /tmp/repos.txt`; do 
        echo $i

        # checkout each repo to local
        cd /tmp
        gh repo clone $ORG/$i
        cd /tmp/$i

        # change the copyright footer and commit and store in a temp file
        sed "s/2023/2024/g" index.html > index2.html
        # swap into the correct file
        mv index2.html index.html

        # commit and push
        git commit -am "Extend copyright into 2024"                    
        git push
        cd /tmp 

        # cleanup the local repo
        rm -rf /tmp/$i

    # cleanup the list of repos
    rm -rf /tmp/repos.txt

I learned about sponge a few days after using this script.